NEOHBots September 2015 Newsletter #2

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Time to get ready for the big FLL event in January. Teams are invited for a networking and test run event held at the Akron STEM High School. Sign up today!

Formerly known as the “Scrimmage”, the NEOHBots team is preparing for this year’s Trash Trek competition by holding a test  run event in which teams can come and get to know other teams, get answers to some of their difficult questions, meet judges, referees, and other volunteers, and test out their robot.

The Trash Trek Rally and Test Run will be held at Akron’s STEM High School in the former Central Hower High School.

Address: 123 S Forge St.

Akron, OH 44308

FLL volunteer training for judges and referees will occur from 9:00 am through 12:00 noon. The Trash Trek Rally and Test

Run will then begin at noon and end at 4:00 pm.

Not sure your robot is ready for the event? No problem! This event is designed so that teams can get some practice with their own robot.

Remember that this is not so much a competition between teams as it is a learning experience and a competition against the Mission! Camaraderie and teamwork is encouraged!

The Trask Trek Rally and Test Run will be a lot fun for everyone! Sign up to attend with your team at

Should you have any issues, or have any questions, please contact Karen Plaster at


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NEOHBots News


FIRST Lego League is a big, big event and we need all the volunteers we can get!

From judging, to refereeing, to volunteer coordination, and more – there is a spot for you on our Volunteer Team. Here are some of the different volunteer opportunities available:

-­‐  Judge: FFL teams work together as teams to create an autonomous robot and present solutions to waste management problems while sticking to the FIRST Lego League Core Values!

Judges will observe with throughout their presentation time and score them on different criteria.

-­‐  Referee: Just like any other sport, there needs to be someone that knows the rules and ensures that game play is fair and equal. Referees will stay by the play boards and make sure that all the rules are followed.

-­‐ Volunteer Coordinator/Front Desk: There are a lot of volunteers and a lot of teams, this volunteer will be responsible for checking in teams and volunteers, traffic control and directions, and general help wherever needed!

-­‐  Room Monitors: There will be a couple of rooms reserved for FLL events, Room Monitors will ensure that teams are in the room they need to be in, when they need to be there, and will provide any other assistance.

Now you’re thinking “Wow! Where do I sign up?” Well I’m glad you asked. Visit FLL volunteer registration at: MS_Login.aspx

Through this site, you can register to volunteer at any of our Northeast Ohio tournaments (listed in upcoming events) throughout the fall. Additionally, judge training is on-line. Once you have been selected as a judge for a tournament, a link will be provided to complete the training.

If you plan to be a referee or would prefer training in person, here are a few opportunities:


-­‐    Oct. 24 – Columbus State Training

-­‐   Nov. 7 – Akron Training at the Trash Trek Rally and Test Run. Register at:


  • Oct. 24 – Columbus Training Event for FLL Volunteers

Nov. 7 – Trash Trek Rally and Test Run, Register at:


  • Dec. 5 – Cleveland Orchard STEM School
  • Dec. 12 Solon
  • Dec. 13 – Kirtland HS


  • Jan. 9, 2016 – University of Akron